Therapool 13 397cm x 229cm x 122cm PÅ LAGER

164,000.00 kr

STRØMTESTET  Therapool 13,  397 cm x 229 cm x 122 cm  dyp, SoftTread (svært viktig å ha) tilleggsutstyr kr 4800,- 2 kraftige pumper, går på 25A sikring

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I highly recommend spending the extra $$$$ to have the soft tread installed in your swim spa before it is delivered. I dont make a dime off of this, I am just a happy customer. When I ordered , I chose not to include soft tread because of the added expense, then after watching some Ben and Mary videos on YouTube I changed my mind a week or so before delivery and am so glad I did this. In the locations around the perimeter with no soft tread the floor doesn’t provide much traction. I am able to get a better workout in the swim current while walking or running against the current thanks to the soft tread. I don’t think I’d be able to stand in the current and work out without the soft tread. Having a good footing in the swim current means i can walk backwards in it which helps make my knees stronger plus I can stand with my back to the swim jet and lean backwards stretching my back and my sciatica has greatly improved since i started doing that (the current holds me up as i bend backwards and with the traction of the soft tread i dont have to worry about falling over backwards). Having soft tread on the steps helps me get in and out easier and safer too.

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We have a Therapool 13. I swim in it daily, jets on the high setting with a tether. Prior to owning this, I swam 2000 yards in around 40 minutes at the Y daily. I find that 30 minutes with a tether and high jets provides the same workout (heart rate, calories burned). My teenage kids, who are also competitive swimmers, swim in it and also hang with their friends in it. Sure, it’s not the hardest workout they have at practice, but it offers a great supplement and an ability to focus specifics of their stroke. Regarding other exercises, I’ve rowed with it, my son has run with the tethers, but not frequently.

Megan Conry Cordonnier I find I don’t need the swim jets at all to get a good workout. I’ve had my spa a year now & have been doing intense 30 minute swims tether only where I barely put my feet on the bottom & stay moving most of the half hour. After a year of this I’ve now developed defined arm muscles 💪 one can see! My family notices & they’re impressed my Turkey wings are almost gone! I never got that muscle definition swimming my half mile several times a week at the pool for years with a coach in a master swim class! I sure don’t miss the flip turns and I love the no water up my nose when I don’t use jets! My strokes have all improved no coach necessary!

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