Challenger 18Deep swimspa basseng

Challenger 547 x 239 x 153 med motstrøm UTEN luft (som forstyrrer svømmetak) , SoftTread (svært stor fordel), UV, 4 pumper inkludert liten sirk. pumpe.   Trainer 18 Deep med SoftTread kr 383000,- legg merke til bredde

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I highly recommend spending the extra $$$$ to have the soft tread installed in your swim spa before it is delivered. I dont make a dime off of this, I am just a happy customer. When I ordered , I chose not to include soft tread because of the added expense, then after watching some Ben and Mary videos on YouTube I changed my mind a week or so before delivery and am so glad I did this. In the locations around the perimeter with no soft tread the floor doesn’t provide much traction. I am able to get a better workout in the swim current while walking or running against the current thanks to the soft tread. I don’t think I’d be able to stand in the current and work out without the soft tread. Having a good footing in the swim current means i can walk backwards in it which helps make my knees stronger plus I can stand with my back to the swim jet and lean backwards stretching my back and my sciatica has greatly improved since i started doing that (the current holds me up as i bend backwards and with the traction of the soft tread i dont have to worry about falling over backwards). Having soft tread on the steps helps me get in and out easier and safer too.


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